Urgent Financial Help for Education Support

March 15, 2017

This is Nikita Gurung (name changed) aged 15 years old currently studying in 8th grade in New Leera H.S.S Gairidhara. Sadly, her both parents were HIV positive. Due to their poor financial condition they were unable to pay Nikita’s schools fees since 8 months (Twenty-two thousand one hundred and sixty-eight, Rs. 22,168) As a result, Nikita’s could not appear on her District Level Examination. Taking about her studies, she is very talented and well disciplined student.
Therefore, SETU Nepal would like to humbly request you to provide a financial support for her school fees. So that Nikita’s would able to appear on her examination. Your little contribution will indeed make a huge difference in her studies.
Thank you.

Setu is thankful to Anima Khadayat, Kunwar ( https://www.facebook.com/anima.khadayat  )for her contribution of N Rs. 10,000 for Nikita’s school fee submission on time.  Now she has completed her district level examination with very good score and continuing well with her studies.