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August 4th, 2015 | admin

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Operation of Setu Transit home

The New Year 2014 started very well for Setu Nepal. Luckily, We got a support from Australian volunteers to open a transit home which we named Aarati home. We provide shelter for deprived children while their family situation is unstable or their environment unfair. We aim to provide them a safe place to live as well as education support.

We started with 4 children living in the home. Currently there are 6 children staying residentially. All of them were either HIV infected or affected (meaning that they are not HIV positive but indirectly affected by their mother’s HIV status). Now the Transit home has been expanded into 14 beds capacity from 4 beds by the help of ONGD/FNEL of Luxembourg.

Furthermore, Transit home  is for the mother and their children specially focus on HIV. In order to give the women and their children an education, we need to provide them with a safe learning and social environment. Several women with HIV and their children have a plethora of social, physical and psychological problems that need to be addressed and monitored continuously to ensure their commitment to education and the best possible results. It is also the place where mother and their children can receive the treatment with In and Out care phase. 94 (excluding 30 readmitted)women and 58 (excluding 22readmitted)
children had received health service from the transit home till the date.

The daily activities for transit home children :
6:00 AM : Children wakeup

6:30 AM : Morning Pray ( Worshiping )

7:00 AM : Breakfast ( As per the Menu prepared by nutrition staff )

7:30 AM : Medication to the children receiving ARV

8:00 AM : Lunch ( As per the Menu prepared by nutrition staff )

8:30 AM : Getting ready for school

9.00- 5:00 PM: School Hours

5:30 PM : Snacks ( As per the Menu prepared by nutrition staff )
6:00 – 7:00 PM : Study time

7:00 PM : Dinner ( As per the Menu prepared by nutrition staff )

8:00 PM : Medication to the children receiving ARV

8:30 PM : Milk as per the menu

9:00 pm: Bedtime

( IN Weekends and Public Holidays)
10:00 PM : Lunch ( As per the Menu prepared by nutrition staff )

10:30 – 1:00 PM : Extracurricular activities ( reading, playing different games as per their interest, general cleanliness like bathing and washing from caretakers, lessons from facilitators)

1:00 PM : Fruits Time ( As per the Menu prepared by nutrition staff)

2:30 PM : Snacks ( As per the Menu prepared by nutrition staff)

2:30 – 5:30 PM : Study Time

5:30 PM : Snacks ( As per the Menu prepared by nutrition staff)
Rest followed by the Weekdays.

Moreover, Setu Nepal also incorporate developmental activities into the children’s routines, such as counselling sessions, art therapy, day trips to increase the children‟s cultural awareness and the celebration of cultural holidays within the home.
Besides, It is also an opportunity for volunteer placement, which proves a valuable insight for foreign volunteers to gain first hand experience of the charities actions, help out with the children and their mothers in the transit home and assist in fund raising for needy women and children infected with HIV in the future.  It is a forum for women to teach them about adequate nurturing for their children, especially those infected with HIV, by addressing early childhood development, the prevention of fetal transmission during pregnancy, cooking classes to maximise the nutritional value of food, child feeding practice, mother and child behavioural and psychological counselling sessions.