Out care phase

August 27th, 2015 | admin

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Through this programme, Setu Nepal provides training to re-integrate newly released female prisoners into society and offer support in the care of their children. Setu Nepal admits needy children in boarding schools and provides all necessary equipment such as uniform, stationery and fees.

Setu Nepal helps support needy women outside of prison in the following ways:

Rehabilitation into the society:
Setu Nepal makes an effort to re-integrate former prisoners into society, as for the most part they are abandoned by their respective family and communities. After living in prison, most of the women are psychologically damaged and feel apprehension about returning to society. Setu Nepal provides counseling to former prisoner and helps them to enhance their self-esteem. Setu Nepal, also, provides shelter to needy former prisoners’ along with the training that empowers them with positive thoughts towards their life.

Skill developing Training:
Setu Nepal provides them training as per their requirements and feasibility. Via this training Setu Nepal seek themselves to lift up their living standard. Setu Nepal tries to teach them fishing rather than preparing foods. This skill developing training helps them to upgrade their economic status, social status and live with self-regard.