In Care Phase

August 26th, 2015 | admin

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In Care Phase: This programme helps women and children whilst they are in the prison.

Psychological Support: Most of women in prison are going through psychological trauma and this is one of the main issues which Setu Nepal is trying to address. Setu Nepal, first, tries to trace psychological state of client (acute/chronic) and then supports them with emotional support in order to cope up with their problems.

Family Connection: Nepal is a patriarchal society where female discrimination is high.
Therefore, prisoners, especially females are suppressed in two ways, one for being a female and another for being a prisoner. In such an isolated life, Setu Nepal works to eliminate the gap between them and their families and acts as a mediator. Setu Nepal tries to generate a friendly environment so that, prisoners and their respective families feel comfortable in communicating with us and reduce the distance between them.

Economical Support: Every prisoner get Rs. 45 per day by the government and an extra  Rs. 10 is given for women with babies inside jail. This is a very small amount and is not adequate enough for women to live on, many women end up mal nourished. The children inside the prison are in a vulnerable condition and  most of the innocent children are malnourished. Setu provides food for women who are in an extreme condition of malnutrition and we aim to provide most children with nutrients. Its very difficult to provide all the women and children as Setu does not have a regular donor.

Advocacy: There are many women inside prison who have been imprisoned wrongly. They have either been set up or coerced into committing a crime they were unaware of. Setu Nepal advocates for these women especially in the case of still births.

A common problem in Nepal is that women are jailed because families accuse the woman of killing her baby when in fact she has had a still birth.

At the moment Setu Nepal tries to evaluate the women case by case and if the women persist that they are innocent, then we will help by providing them legal aid.