Prison Programs

July 25th, 2015 | admin

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This organization prepares women in prison for re-entering society. They face extreme social, economic and psychological hardship inside as well as outside of prison.

Above and beyond this, Setu Nepal also steps forward to support children of women in prisons.

We provide a transit home for women once they leave prison. In this transit home, they are able to stay as long as possible until they have found a job and are self-sufficient. Setu provides women with skills training and courses in order to equip them with essential skills that they can utilize in their chosen careers.

As well as helping women, Setu helps those children that are in prison with their mothers due to the fact that they have nowhere else to go. We try and provide these children with alternative homes rather than staying in prison and where possible we try to contact family members and see if they are able to offer further support. Another alternative route is to put the child in a care home, where they receive an education.

Setu endeavors to carry out more programs with the help of your support.