Education to Children

August 27th, 2015 | admin

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We  support for education to  children of HIV positive women – those infected or affected (i.e., their lives have been irreversibly changed by virtue of HIV positive parents or siblings). This number will remain unchanged throughout the program, as we intend to support the children until they have completed their school studies. However if there is a condition to discontinue the support of any children if they don’t perform good in their education and their support would be used for the new children who is potential and needy. But we will always search their other potentialities to encourage them for any other vocational activities for their livelihood.

For now,all children will attend public schools in their district in order to keep them inserted within their community and give a more positive image of children and families living with HIV/AIDS. However, the local partner will always encourage to be accountable (in terms of financial as well as nurturing point of view) to parents and school (if the children are disclosed about their infection) in the education the children.

There is no doubt that the education provided by government school of Nepal is of a poorer quality when compared to that of private schools. In rural areas, there is an issue whereby teachers lack responsibility for their pupils and lack adequate teaching facilities. We have chosen to provide funding for the education of children at government schools for two reasons: firstly, the lower subscription costs mean we can support a greater number of children, and establish a more positive attitude towards learning within communities. In spite of that we are always trying our best to provide them good quality education from private school as well if we have more supportive hands in future.