September 25

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Setu Nepal conducted training program for women as small entrepreneur to 14 former beneficiaries of our project. We had gathered 14 women from various corners that were seen to be very actively involved in some kind of income generating activities.
The program formally started with an introduction where all the participants shared their current involvement in any form of income generating activity. All the participants were a former trainee of mother care income generating program which provided them a seed money for goat farming. Out of that almost everyone seemed to have utilized the money to buy a goat and have been successful in expanding the number. Whereas few others invested the money for small shops, beauty parlor and tailor shops which also seems to be very successful.

The training was intended to orient on development aspects of micro level entrepreneurship for HIV infected individuals. They are lost in terms of their capacity looking what they can do in their life. We believe that they have many opportunities if they are given chances to see the world differently. Our conviction is to bring their motivation at higher level. Any HIV effected women who need help initially in terms of looking at the scope of being self motivated entrepreneur; she must be morally and financially supported. She might need a small financial trigger either as loan or fund at the beginning with some knowledge on tools of micro/min business; it can open her avenues. She must have mental capacity to venture the risk. It can be developed by mentoring them in exploring some min/micro business plans.

After some experience sharing from the participants, then we moved forward with our main objective that was the distribution of cash to the participants. Since distribution individually would create problems on proper monitoring, we formed a group of these 14 women. The participants were explained about how this money works and its payment procedure.

This women group is now being lead by two active ladies who are also HIV victims and are working very actively for the women of Makawanpur district. We are really impressed by their dedication towards their hard work on uplifting the situation on infected women in their district. So, Setu Nepal has decided to conduct a felicitation program for the two brave women so as to set an example for others by the end of this year.

Success Stories:

Manju Lama started her goat farming with the seed money from the income generating training. Since then, she has been running a successful goat farm with around 16 goats currently. She lives with her mother who has been very supportive about her work. She sets an example in front of other participants on how goat farming can be taken into larger scale. Now she is interested to expand her business of goat farming in large scale.

a2 Sarita Karki used the seed money from the training to add equipments to her beauty parlor. She has been running this business since 4 years and seems to be very successful in it. Sarita received great support from her husband who always motivated her to open her own parlour. However after one year she started her parlour her husband died in a tragic road accident. Since then she has been living with her mother who is very supportive Sarita shared her experience running the shop and also mentioned that she has not yet been open about her disease in the community as she feels it can affect her business. She seems to be very active and showed interest in taking further trainings and expanding her shop.

a3 Sindhu Nepali also another enthusiastic lady who has successfully managed to keep up her tailoring business in spite of many financial issues. She told us how since childhood she always wanted to become a teacher. So once she got tailoring training from a well known institute in the capital, she went back and opened a small shop where she started training others. She began with one stitching machine and expanded upto 7 later. However due to financial crisis in the family she had to sell them and now she is only left with two stitching machines. So she even stopped teaching and ran the shop alone with not much profit. Now she wishes to increase her fabric collection and expand the business. She also wants to get back to teaching if she is able to manage for more sewing machines. Since we were inspired by her passion, Setu Nepal has decided to provide her with an over locking machine.

a4Durga Shrestha had set up a small mobile snacks stall near the bus station with the same seed money. However due to road violation issues she had to shut down her business. Durga is also one of the active single mothers and we hope to settle her issue to she can continue her shop.


During all these training program and activities the participants were motivated to initiate micro business on their own in future. It also gave them concept of self motive entrepreneur.



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