Sponsor a child

August 4th, 2015 | admin

Spend a little, Give a lot. Your small gift gives children an existence free of fear and deprivation, a valuable education, and the opportunity for a meaningful life. . Start making a difference today.

Activities Expected donation
Provide 3 months of psychological counseling to traumatized child $ 80
Provide school uniform and stationary for a child for one year $ 90
Save a child dying of malnutrition and teach mother about nutrition $ 350
 Send child to private school (Foundation- grade 3 ) for one year (keeping with family) $ 600
 Provide basic vocational training for one student $ 600
Send young adult to college for one year after schooling $ 850
Provide life management treatment and care for HIV positive child for a year $ 1000
Send child (primary grade) to private school for one year (keeping at SETU) (A)  $ 1,500
Provide shelter, nutrition,nurturing and health treatment at SETU house for a child for one year (B) $ 1800
Provide nurturing and education to a child for one year (keeping at SETU) (A+B) $ 3300
Sponsor health and nutrition Camp for 300-500 children and parents $ 3,000
Provide day meal for government school for 60 primary student for one year(including parenting education and monitoring ) $ 5000