Help for Shristi

March 14, 2017

This is Shristi (name changed) aged 5 years old suffering for HIV positive who is rescued from Tanahu district. Sadly, her both parents were dead due to HIV positive. She has an older brother aged 7 years with HIV Negative is currently working in one of the restaurant in Tanahu. We can imagine how worst the condition it is in their life. Therefore, due to vulnerable condition of Shristi, she was referred by District Child Welfare to Setu Nepal. Being a female child with HIV positive is completely unacceptable in our society. Therefore, Shristi need a URGENT HELP due to her health condition. Moreover, her older brother is also in our priority action.

At the moment Shristi is staying in transit home of Setu Nepal. The obvious question is she need a proper education and nurturing as soon as possible. Therefore, we as a Setu Nepal would kindly request you to provide a financial support for her further education and treatment as soon as possible. The need is real and we need your help. Give generously because your small contribution will indeed make a huge difference in her LIFE.

It will take only a minute to decide and it will help forever!

Thank you.