Contribution of one day salary/meal for flood victims

August 17, 2017

Dear well-wishers,

We all are well-known with the current painstaking situation that our country is going through. The trauma brought about by the disaster that are being faced by the direct flood victims have equally grieved us too. Thus, as a small support, we SETU staff members have decided to donate our one-day salary for the purchase of relief materials to be distributed to the victims. We have also started cloth collection campaign through communication with every individual who may be able to support us in every way they can.As soon as the disaster was brought about, we also started the overseas appeal for the fund generation and have got positive responses from some of our well-wishers. So we are expecting to receive the direct aid soon which will be a major boost for us.

While many authorities and helping hands are already active in the field, we have come to know that still countless faces are waiting for the food and clothes.We are trying to get data for affected number of victims in different places so that we can be well prepared and thus planning to reach the affected area as soon as possible after we are equipped with the enough materials and supplies for them.

We hereby appeal our all wishers to donate and help with everything they can. Your anygenerous help can make a substantial difference in the lives of affected ones and with it our organization can feed and support thousands of families who have lost everything with the massive flood.

Let’s join hand in hand for the solidarity to restore the happiness in the downhearted faces.All the donations we receive and we have contributed from our side will be collectively distributed and no sooner we will also let you know the difference that will be brought about by your generosity.

You can send donations via the following address:

SETU Nepal

Khumaltar, Lalitpur

Contact No: +9770152753629851183033